At Rosetta Translation Services, we believe that the translation process is not merely a transfer of information or content from one language to another. Rather, it is much more complicated than that, as translation is an independent art and science that contributes to bridging and transmitting the cultures of different societies through: Transferring the ideas and experiences of language speakers into other languages. The case is not limited to transferring ideas and experiences only but extends more than that to include rendering different feelings and impressions, in addition to forming and correcting concepts. Based on our awareness of the importance of translation and its great impact on people’s cultures, we at Rosetta Translation Services are committed to providing translation services to our clients with the highest possible quality. We ensure that all translations delivered by us are according to ISO quality standards 9001-2008. This is in addition to our reliance on professional translators with extensive expertise in related fields of translation to translate the various projects assigned to us. More than 1,800 professional translators of various nationalities work with us at the Rosetta Translation Services office as we own many certified translation offices around the world. This is in addition to our representatives of certified translators in many countries around the world, including but not limited to: Britain (London), France (Paris), the United States (New York), Russia (Moscow), China (Beijing), the Emirates (Dubai), and Egypt (Cairo). This in turn enables us to provide certified translation services to our clients as Rosetta Translation Services is a certified office accredited by local and international governmental authorities and institutions. Rosetta Translation Services is accredited by various embassies, including: The United States, Britain, France, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland, in addition to the embassies of Germany, Italy, and many other embassies. We provide a variety of other translation services in more than 30 international languages. Therefore, at Rosetta Translation Services, we are careful to seek the assistance of translators working in the office according to some standards. This is mainly to ensure that we provide various translation services to our customers with the highest possible quality and accuracy.

Translator Skills at Rosetta Translation Services

Rosetta Translation Services provides high-quality services to our clients. In order to maintain the quality of our services, we make sure that our translators have many skills

Among the most prominent skills that Rosetta Translation Services
translators must possess are the following: 

Ability to thoroughly understand the meanings of words, terms, and phrases: 

The ability to thoroughly understand the meanings of the words, terms, and phrases to be translated is one of the most important skills that our translators must possess. 

This means that the translator must have a good command and mastery of both languages: the source language and the target language. 

This shall definitely help the translator understand the meanings of words in the source language and choose the most suitable equivalent and corresponding terms and phrases in the target language. 

Mastery of the grammatical rules and syntax of both languages are necessary, in addition to mastery of the source and target languages and the ability to understand meanings well and choose terms that suit the context of the content. 

The translator must enjoy a wide knowledge of all the grammatical rules of the two languages, the source and the target language, so that he/she can produce a translated project of high quality and not bound to the literal translation of the content, in addition to the project being free of any grammatical errors. 

Familiarity with rhetorical similes and images, and good knowledge of their aesthetic equivalent in the target language:

Rhetoric, such as similes and metaphors, are crucial elements that affect the content and meaning of translation, as each simile and rhetorical figure of speech carries its special meaning. 

Thus, our translators must have in-depth knowledge of all similes and rhetorical metaphors and other figures of speech in the source language as this shall enable the translator to render the corresponding similes and rhetorical figures in the target language.

In turn, this shall enable the translator to transfer rhetorical images and similes from the mother language to the target language with high accuracy and without causing any defect in the meaning of the text.

 Mastery in conveying meaning:

The translator must have the ability to creatively render the meaning from the source language to the target language.

At Rosetta Translation Services, we do not rely on the literal translation of texts, rather we work to render the meaning and reveal the beauty of the translated material. 


This means our ability to render the content from one language to another with high quality and professional style. 


Creativity in choosing the appropriate equivalent of words and phrases: 

Choosing words is an art that has a significant impact on the translated content, so the translator must have enough creativity in choosing appropriate words and phrases.


This is so that he can choose words and phrases that suit the translated content and also serve the right intended message to be conveyed to the audience. 


Learning about the culture of both languages


One of the important qualities that a professional translator must have is his in-depth knowledge of the culture of both the source language and the target language.


Since differences in cultures may be greatly reflected in the use of words and phrases, we find that one word may be used to express something in one of the languages. 


While the same phrase or term may be used to express something different in another language, which may lead to serious misunderstanding. 


Therefore, the translator must have sufficient knowledge of the culture of the source and target languages. 


This is so that he can understand the purpose of using the word or term in the source language and choose an equivalent for it that is most appropriate to the culture of the target language. 


This shall absolutely help in conveying the content accurately and to be compatible with the culture of both languages. 



The element of experience is one of the important elements that we care about at Rosetta Translation Services, so we are careful to choose translators with extensive expertise. 


The translator must have at least five years of experience working in the field of translation in one of the specialized fields.


This is mainly because the translator's experience greatly affects the quality of translation and appears in its accuracy, choice of equivalents and phrases, and choice of terms, as well as style. 

Formulating the content in a smooth manner that is easy to understand for everyone who reads it is one of the important specifications that a professional translation must have. 


The availability of all of these skills mentioned above by certified Rosetta Foundation translators enables us to provide high-quality translation services to our clients in many languages and various specialties as well.


At Rosetta Translation Services, we provide translation services to our clients in various fields in which they may need the work done.


This includes our work on translating areas such as commercial, financial, medical, legal, public relations, marketing, and advertising. 

Having all these skills by Rosetta Translation Services office translators also enables us to provide many types of translation services to our clients. As one of the most prominent translation services, we provide to our clients, for example:


  • Certified translation services 
  • Specialized written translation 
  • Simultaneous translation 
  • Consecutive translation
  • Film translation and subtitling
  • Translation within one language 
  • Translation from one sign to another; semiology 


In addition, we provide interpretation services along with telephone translation services as well.