What is a certified translation?
Certified translation is a translation accompanied by a signed statement attesting that the translation is accurate and complete to the best of the translator's knowledge and ability. This is also known as a “Certificate of Accuracy” and is prepared by the translator who translated the document. This certification further ensures that the work is up to the highest standard. It must include the date of translation and contact information of the translation provider.
Is Rosetta a certified translation company?

Yes, Rosetta is a certified translation company accredited by official and governmental bodies and institutions and accredited by the embassies of:

  • The United States
  • Britain
  • France
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Italy, and many other countries
How do I get certified translated documents?

In order to ensure that you get a certified translation, you must find an appropriate certified translation office and submit a copy of your documents to your translation provider. Then make sure that the translated document contains the following:

  • Signature and stamp of the certified translation office and its contact data as well
  • Date of translation of the document
  • A statement affirming the completeness and accuracy of the document
How do I pay for translation services?

The Rosetta Translation Services Office facilitates the payment process. We provide many payment methods by which you can pay for completed translations:

  • Cash-in-hand at one of our branches
  • Visa, PayPal, or MasterCard
How can I contact Rosetta Translation Services?
If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us via this number: 0223050113
How much time do you need to translate documents?
The time of translation entirely depends on the paper, the language combination, and your requirements. A translator can translate around 1,500 to 2,500 words per day. If your project is large-- let’s say your document has 20,000 words--we can split the documents into parts and assign more than one translator to the task. In general, we can say that your document will be delivered in about two days. Desktop publishing and graphics localization work require additional time. It is worth noting that Rosetta Translations assigns sufficient resources to meet your project delivery requirements in the shortest possible time and with the best possible quality.
كيف أتأكد من الحفاظ على سرية المحتوى وخصوصيته؟

يأتي في مقدمة معايير الترجمة لدى مؤسسة روزيتا لخدمات الترجمة: المحافظة على سرية المعلومات الخاصة بعملائها.

فمنذ تأسيس الشركة في عام 1989، أي منذ ما يزيد عن 30 عامًا ومؤسسة روزيتا لخدمات الترجمة لم تنتهك مطلقًا خصوصية عملائها.

حيث تضع المؤسسة اتفاقيات يلتزم بها كُلٍ من موظفيها وشركائها، وهذه الاتفاقيات تضمن لعملاء روزيتا الحفاظ على سرية وخصوصية المعلومات الخاصة بهم، أما في حال رغبة أحد عملاء الشركة في مراجعة شروط اتفاقيات الخصوصية والسرية الخاصة بالمعلومات أو كان لديه اتفاقية خصوصية يرغب في مراجعتها معنا، فإننا لن نتردد في مراجعتها أو الموافقة عليها.

Will my translated documents be kept confidential?
Yes, at Rosetta Translation Services, confidentiality of our clients’ information and data contained in their documents is a top priority. Since the company's establishment in 1989, Rosetta Translation Services has never violated the privacy of any client. Our employees have signed NDAs to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of our clients’ information and data. However, if one of the company’s clients wishes to review the terms of our NDAs, or wishes to offer a confidentiality and privacy policy or agreement, we will not hesitate to review or approve it.
Do you review, proofread, or correct an existing translation?
Yes, but we usually approach such projects on a time-and-material basis. The cost and delivery date of such projects are determined according to the size and quality of the translation to be reviewed, corrected, or proofread.
Can Rosetta provide a translation sample for free?
Yes, we provide free quotes and free translation samples service, to give our clients a glimpse of the quality of our translations and our distinctive translation process. As for the size of the free translation samples, the sample size usually does not exceed 250 words for one language. However, sometimes the sample size may reach 500 words, depending on the size of the project.
How do I receive my translated documents?

We deliver translated documents to our clients through several methods, including:

  • Delivering translated documents through the nearest branch. If you want to find out the nearest branch to you, please contact our customer service.
  • Via our online portal, which notifies you via email that your translation project is available for download.
  • Sending the translated files via email, or uploading them to an FTP hosting site if you request.

It is worth noting that we rarely send translated documents via regular mail or the FedEx service. However, if you want to receive the translated documents through one of such methods, we will definitely do so. 

We usually submit the translated content in the same format as the original content. However, if one of our clients requests some modifications in the format of the content, we will submit the translation according to the client’s requirements.

As for the delivery of desktop publishing projects, they are delivered in the same format as the original file, but if the client requests to receive the file in a different format, such as a low-resolution Adobe Acrobat PDF file, we send the file according to the client’s request.

How do you deal with discovered errors after delivering translations to clients?

At Rosetta, we exert our best efforts to avoid any kind of error in the translations delivered to our clients.

After our translator completes the translation, the translated content is then reviewed by a senior translator or reviewer. This person is not involved in translating the project and has extensive experience in the field of translation. His role is to review and test the translated content to ensure the accuracy and quality of the translation. After this step, the senior translator or reviewer will stamp and approve the translated documents.

The quality assurance officer is responsible for ensuring that the translation is error-free and conforms to the style adopted by the client.

At Rosetta Translations, we carefully check each translation to avoid the following:

  • Untranslated text
  • Spelling errors
  • Grammatical errors
  • Incorrect terminology
  • Inconsistent terminology
  • Translation errors
  • Punctuation errors
  • Errors in converting units of measurement (when requested by the customer)
  • Incorrect date/time format

To further confirm the accuracy and quality of our translation, Rosetta Certified Translation Services undertakes to deliver all translation services to our clients promptly and within a framework characterized by efficiency and high quality.

We guarantee that all translation projects delivered to our clients comply with the requirements of each client.

If a client discovers any form of inaccuracy or errors in the translation, we immediately correct such errors and deficiencies, without charging clients any additional costs.

What is the minimum cost your company accepts?

Rosetta prefers to avoid setting a minimum cost whenever possible. For our clients who deal with us on an ongoing basis, we do not set a minimum cost.

As for clients who cannot send their projects part by part, we advise them to divide the content to be translated into parts, to avoid the minimum cost.

If it is necessary to set a minimum cost, it is calculated based on hourly rate determined by the service(s) and/or language(s) required, in addition to the project management fee.

Can you provide a quote for a website translation?
Yes, we can. At Rosetta Translation Services, we estimate the cost of website translation, based on the data we extract directly from the website, so it is worth noting that: We may miss some content. We may include content that is not intended to be translated, such as previous versions of pages in the site structure. Thus, we find it almost impossible to directly estimate the content derived from the database of your website because content may appear on the site multiple times, and this applies to dealing with product data available on e-commerce sites. So, we find that the most accurate method is to send a quote based on the source files of the web content. Please note that we provide costs for website translation at the best prices until we obtain the actual source files.
How much does a quote cost?
Rosetta Certified Translation Services does not require any cost from clients if they request a quote.
Where are your translators’ locations?
The translation projects assigned to our company are translated into the country of origin of the target language. Rosetta Certified Translation Services’ team encompasses professional translators, editors, and proofreaders from all over the world who have extensive experience in translation. This ensures that the translation resonates with the target audience and adheres to current linguistic trends and common terminology.
Do you use machine translation?
Rosetta Translation does not currently have a machine translation (MT) solution. However, one of our senior employees worked at a company that developed MT software and also ran a company that provided translation services based on MT technology, so we fully understand this translation solution, its mechanism, how to use it, and when it can be an effective tool that will speed up production and reduce overall costs. Machine translation is useful when translating content written in English to ease the process of creating an electronic dictionary for the used translation system, and also to reduce the possibility of interference between the script and ambiguous linguistic structures. Short sentences with simplified structures (subject + verb) are very useful in this context and produce excellent results. However, machine translation systems may require prior serious training, and may need to enter detailed linguistic information into the electronic dictionary of the translation system. Rosetta Translation Services, like most translation companies, works on translating many types of content on dissimilar topics. So taking the time to be properly trained to use a machine translation system beforehand is a luxury that neither we nor our clients have. Plus, even if our clients aren't concerned about training time, which has never been the case before, the costs of training on the MT system can eat into any potential productivity gains, which of course, impacts the overall cost per word. Rosetta Translation Services believes that machine translation is suitable for primary translation for content in a language the user does not understand, so that the user can understand it to some extent. This is why MT is acceptable in some situations, but it is not an ideal solution for most clients. Although it represents a primary translation, it requires effort greater than the usual effort a professional translator exerts in translating the text using translation memory tools.
Do you charge additional fees for urgent translations?
No, we usually do not charge extra fees for urgent projects. However, we ask our clients to notify us as soon as possible if there is an urgent task, and accordingly, we make arrangements to complete the task on time. Also, we do not have extra rates during the weekend or rush rates if you need to have your document translated faster.
How do you ensure the quality of translation?
Rosetta Translation Services recommends creating project glossaries for each language before starting the actual translation. This is to ensure that terminology is accessible and used consistently, and once the glossaries are created, the client can review them using existing resources within their own company or through their overseas subsidiaries or distributors. Rosetta Translation works closely with the contacts provided by the client to ensure the glossaries are approved and meet the client’s requirements and satisfaction. All projects are assigned to subject-matter native-speaker translators of the target language. We employ linguists who comply with the standards set for the translation industry and are provided with client-approved glossaries to provide high-quality translations. All translated works are reviewed and proofread by another native-speaker translator. Once this process is completed, the project editor reviews all translated work to ensure accuracy across the translated content as a whole. A final check is then conducted to ensure the linguistic quality of all translated content before delivery. Translation of web content and user interfaces usually goes through a post-translation quality assurance phase, once it is completed and before it is published online. At Rosetta, we rely on translation memory tools, which ensure the quality, consistency, and integrity of the translation.
How do I send my documents to get an English translation service?
We recommend sending the original files to be translated. The original files allow us to see all the content that needs to be translated, as well as the format and design in which the translation will be produced. We can also implement a translation project without having the original files. However, in this case, the quote will not be considered final until we have the source files to review and analyze if you have access to those files.
How much will my translation cost?
The translation cost is often calculated per word, but sometimes the translation cost depends on the language combination. Projects that involve translating user interfaces or website content may require more effort, and this usually adds a little extra cost. Also, if these projects include graphics, they may require extra costs for localization service. It also requires quality assurance tests after completion, which are either conducted by the clients or conducted by Rosetta Translations in collaboration with the clients. Rosetta incorporates the cost of quality assurance into the quote based on the source document. As for projects that contain formatted content, such as: User manuals and materials Publications requiring multilingual desktop publishing and graphics localization, the cost depends on the complexity of the content and the number of graphics to be localized. These costs are based on our analysis of your source materials and are calculated on an hourly basis.
How long should I expect to wait for a quote?
This depends on the translation project. We usually provide a quote within 24 hours of receiving source documents. However, complex projects involving user interfaces or website content may take longer.
What type of documents can you handle?

At Rosetta, we provide written translation services from and into any language. We have a wide range of target audiences. As for the type of documents we work with, the simple answer is any type and file format. Among the most common types of files that we translate are the files in any of the following Adobe formats:

  • InDesign
  • Flash
  • Illustrator
  • PhotoShop
  • FrameMaker
  • Acrobat
  • RoboHelp
  • Articulate
  • Captivate
  • PageMaker

We provide translation services for Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Visio files. We also handle other file formats, such as:

Quark, QuarkXpress, Survey Monkey, MadCap Flare, Camtasia, and AuthorIt. In addition, we translate most web-based file formats, such as HTML, ASP, php; Graphic image file formats, such as gif, jpg, bmp, png, tif, and eps; and interface resource file formats, such as rc.*, resx.*, properties.*, and xib.* This is in addition to the DLL and EXE file formats.

Certainly, it is not easy to list all the file types that we can handle so if you did not find the file format you need, feel free to contact us to help you.

I have previously hired a translation provider to translate some projects. Can your company benefit from the created translation memory?
Of course, we can rely on previously created translation memories, provided that the quality of the translation is satisfactory to us. Rosetta Translations invests in advanced translation tools needed to ensure consistency of terminology and style. This is to effectively translate big-size translation projects and to benefit from previous translation materials.
Which languages can you translate?

At Rosetta, we have the resources and experience to provide translation services into almost every modern language. Our services cover the following languages:

  • English, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Maori, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian and European), Russian, and Simplified Chinese.
  • Spanish (Latin America and Europe), Swedish, Traditional Chinese, and Vietnamese.

We provide translation services from the above languages into English.

Who owns the translation memories created by Rosetta Translations?

Translation memories created during translation remain the property of the client, and we make them available upon request. Also, we do not share translation memories between clients unless the owner allows us to do so, which usually only happens between subsidiaries.

What type of content can you translate?

At Rosetta, we have a diverse client list, so the types of content we translate regularly include:

  • Marketing translation 
  • Legal translation
  • Software translation
  • E-learning and mobile applications
  • Localization of instruction pages
  • Multimedia translation
  • Multilingual voice comment recordings
  • Multilingual video recordings
  • Localization of programs and websites
  • Web applications translation
  • User documentation
  • Technical translation
  • User guides and training materials translation

We also have a diverse client base including software developers, manufacturing companies, service providers, non-profit organizations, and educational institutes.

How can I send my documents to you?

We offer many ways to send us the documents you wish to translate. You can send files by:

  • Visiting the nearest branch or through our online portal, through which we manage the entire translation process. We provide you with secured credentials to access this portal.
  • Sending documents via email or uploading them to a secured FTP file hosting site, whenever this is practical, given the file size limitations.

If you would like to send us a project for translation, please contact us to discuss the appropriate means for you to send your files to us.

Can you translate my content into several languages at the same time?
Yes, we can! Rosetta is a platform for providing translation services for many languages. Our project managers deal with multiple language requirements for almost every translation project. Translation projects are carried out by native-speaker translators in each country, so projects are translated into several languages at the same time.