Rosetta Certified Translation Services provides certified medical translation services and healthcare localization solutions on-demand and in over 30 languages. We help pharmaceutical companies, medical device firms, and hospitals achieve the best multilingual communications, one accurately translated medical document at a time. The medical field is characterized by utmost accuracy, as there are many documents and research related to human life, including medical reports, treatment prescriptions, as well as treatment protocols and many other medical documents.


Thus, we find that this field of translation requires top accuracy and high quality in the process of rendering medical content from one language to another. This is in addition to the dire need to seek the assistance of medical translators specializing in the content to be translated.

As we are seriously careful at Rosetta Translation Services to assist our clients and provide them with medical translation services for various types of documents with great accuracy and high quality, we conduct these medical services at the hands of our translators who specialize in the medical fields who have extensive expertise in this field, as we are considered one of the most vital certified translation organizations in Egypt and the Middle East. We only reached this by the professional expertise we enjoy, which exceeds 30 years of work in the field of translation.


Additionally, we have many of our certified translation offices spread across many countries around the world.


We also cooperate with our professional translators, whose number exceeds 1,800 translators, including local translators and also our representatives in many countries around the world, such as: Britain (London), France (Paris), the United States (New York), Russia (Moscow), China (Beijing), the Emirates (Dubai), and Egypt (Cairo).

This fact enables us to assign projects to be translated into foreign languages to translators who are native speakers of those same languages.
This ensures that our clients receive high-quality services for various medical projects to be translated.

Medical translation

Medical translation is one of the specialized fields of translation that specializes in translating texts and documents and any other material related to medical fields from various specialties.

We find that this type of translation specializes in translating medical documents, including but not limited to the following:

  • Medical records
  • Prescriptions
  • Materials related to patient information
  • Therapeutic protocols
This is in addition to many other medical documents from various specialties. Medical translation does not encompass the translation of only one specialty but rather includes many medical specialties, such as:
  • Psychiatry: This specialty specializes in translating all documents related to the field of psychiatry, such as medical reports for psychiatric treatment and texts on psychiatric medications
  • Pediatrics: This specialty specializes in translating all documents related to pediatrics, such as medical reports, treatment prescriptions, and medications.
  • Surgery: This specialty specializes in translating all documents related to the field of surgery, such as medical reports, X-rays, and treatment plans. This is in addition to many other medical specialties, such as pharmacy, physical therapy, comprehensive medicine, and many others.

Medical Translation at Rosetta Translation Services

We are always keen to provide high-quality translation services to our clients for various specializations.

This is so that we can help them obtain what they seek from various translation services, including medical services.

Therefore, we provide medical translation services to our clients to translate various medical specialties as well as various types of documents.

The various types of medical documents we work on at Rosetta Translation Services include but is not limited to: medical reports, expert reports, summaries of hospital discharge reports, and handwritten medical prescriptions.

This is in addition to translating patient records, medical records, user manuals, regulatory documents, and patient files.

We also work on translating data sheets, registration documents, and doctoral dissertations.

Medical Translators at Rosetta Translation Services

We are not only interested in providing translation services to our clients, but we are also interested in providing these services with high quality.

Therefore, we are careful to choose competent translators who have the necessary skills that enable them to complete the projects assigned to them with high quality. Among the most prominent skills possessed by Rosetta Translation Services translators are: extreme proficiency in both languages, the source language as well as the target language, as Rosetta translators’ mastery of languages enables them to render the content of the projects to be translated with high accuracy. This also enables them to transmit content professionally. In this way, they do not rely on literal translation of the content. Knowledge of the basic skills of the translation process plays a vital role for us, as this is one of the most important factors affecting the quality of translation. The medical translator must also have good knowledge of the field of content to be translated. Therefore, at Rosetta Translation Services, we rely on specialized medical translators when we work on translating a medical project. In addition to specialization, the translator must have good knowledge of various specialized medical terminology in both languages: the source language and the target language. In addition, the medical translator must be well informed about the culture of each of the two languages, so that he can choose terminology and phrasing that best suit the culture of the languages.

Why Rosetta Translation Services?

Rosetta Certified Translation Services is one of the leading certified translation organizations in Egypt and the Middle East.
This is due to the organization's extensive expertise in various fields of translation.
Since the organization was founded in 1989, it has worked to carry out many successful projects in many countries of the world, such as: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and the United States, as well as Germany, France, and Italy.
It is worth noting that we provide many translation services to our clients, such as:

  • Certified written translation, as we provide certified translation services for various types of official documents. Rosetta Translation Services is accredited by local and international governmental institutions and authorities, in addition to being accredited by all embassies.
  • Specialized written translation, as we work to provide our services to translate various specialized translation fields, such as: scientific, technical, and literary fields, as well as legal fields and many other specialized fields.
  • Film translation and subtitling
  • Simultaneous translation which includes simultaneous translation for conferences and seminars, as well as consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, and many other areas of interpretation.
  • Consecutive translation
  • Translation in the field of semiology
  • Arabization services
We also provide many other translation services to our clients, including medical services.This is carried out at the hands of our competent translators who have extensive expertise in various fields of translation so that we can provide our services with the highest possible quality. We provide supervisors who review and audit the various projects implemented through us.These supervisors are senior translators and linguists working at Rosetta Translation Services, and their role is to review and proofread the translated content.This is mainly after the translation team has finished its work, as our supervisors are not involved in working on translating projects. In this way, we ensure that all projects implemented through us are free of any error related to language or information before delivering them to our clients.