Translating your business materials into another language will help your company grow in the target market.

We help companies translate their messages into different languages so they get better results.

Commercial translation service is one of the translation services we offer at Rosetta Translation Services at reasonable rates.

Our translators have extensive expertise in commercial translation. Our company encompasses more than 1,800 translators specializing in various fields of translation.

Our translators are subject-matter native speaker translators.

Our team comprises translators from many countries around the world, including but not limited to:

The United States (New York), Russia (Moscow), China (Beijing), Britain (London), France (Paris), UAE (Dubai), and Egypt (Cairo).

Rosetta Translation Services also has many affiliated certified translation offices in many countries around the world, such as:

The United States, Britain, France, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and many other countries.

We are held competent to provide high-quality translation services to our clients in various specializations, including commercial translation services in over 30 languages as we are keen to entrust the translation of foreign languages to our translators who are native speakers of those languages.

Moreover, we have extensive expertise in the field of translation; since the founding of Rosetta Translation Services in 1989, we have worked to carry out diverse premium projects, not only at the local level, but also at the international level, as we have carried out several exceptionally high-quality projects in many countries, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and the United States, as well as Germany, France, and Italy.

On account of that, our respected clients are granted access to a distinguished, professionally phrased translation service for the various projects they may seek to translate.

Commercial Translation

Commercial translation is one of the specialized fields of translation that is concerned with translating various projects related to the commercial field.
This includes a wide scope of trade-related specializations, such as:

  • International trade, where there is an urgent need to translate documents related to shipping, customs declarations, export, and import.
  • The field of marketing, where there is an extreme need to translate commercial texts for products and services planned for global markets
  • Business field: where there is a necessity to translate several documents, such as: contracts, business plans, and bulletins.
This is efficiently provided in addition to many other specializations included in the commercial translation service.

Commercial translation in Rosetta Translation Services

We are always keen to provide various translation services of the highest possible quality to our clients.
The matter is no different when we provide commercial services as we duly provide our services by translation pioneers and language tycoons.Given that, we can provide our services and projects and carry out many commercial projects, such as commercial correspondence service and global marketing campaigns.
This in return enables us to help our clients expand their international business activity and achieve greater progress.
We aspire to provide professional commercial translation services for:

  • Planning advertising campaigns
  • News bulletins
  • Presentations

This is a sheer fact in the various languages in which our clients may seek to obtain commercial translation services.

Projects we efficiently executed

In addition, Rosetta Translation Services carried out a variety of projects related to translating companies' bulletins.
This was conducted at the level of many specializations, such as banking and financial business, wholesale and retail trade, engineering, manufacturing, communications, travel and tourism, hospitality and hotels, and business reports. Thanks to the professional expertise of the translators at Rosetta Translation Services in various specializations who dealt with documents of all types and translated them with high proficiency, this has helped both existing companies as well as emerging ones in translating their international business correspondence. Besides, our translators are accustomed to working on translating wide-scale projects with the proper balance of accuracy of terminology as well as clarity and persuasion.

Perhaps this is what marks us an ideal choice for clients looking for an accredited translation office to rely on to translate sales, advertising, or marketing.
We also work to provide commercial translation services for a wide range of documents, such as:
Newspaper articles, government reports, business plans, business presentations, evaluations, industry studies, general summaries, and financial statements.
We have financial translators with extensive expertise in the field of translating financial statements, as they work on translating simple financial statements required for global tenders, or complete financial groups required for mergers and acquisitions or global tender offers.
Our competent translators also enjoy a high ability to switch from one accounting principle to another, in addition to their ability to provide financial statements specifically designed for operating companies, such as: leasing, manufacturing, retail sales, and banking transactions in addition to the high ability of our translators to work in several areas, such as: budgets, cash flow statements, income statements, and annual reports.

Translation of international marketing publications

International marketing publications are among the successful projects that our translators have worked to complete with high quality.
This was at the level of internal and external materials, in addition to providing means of effective communication with clients from all over the world.
This has provided many enterprises with the opportunity to achieve a successful transition from local trade and real integration into advanced systems.
This is thanks to our highly trained translators who are qualified to handle various technical as well as non-technical specialties.
In addition to the efficiency of our competent translators of commercial texts to work on translating commercial materials, such as: financial statements, contracts, business plans, and bulletins, they also provide translation of lecture summaries, annual reports, publications, magazines, sales letters, and PowerPoint presentations.
Additionally, they translate promotional flyers, press releases, commercial documents, follow-up letters, and weekly bulletins, as well asbanking and accounting documents and emails.

Why Rosetta Translation Services?

Rosetta Translation Services is one of the leading accredited translation companies in Egypt and the Middle East. The company has achieved this status thanks to its more than three decades of experience in the field of translation.
This is in addition to the fact that its translators have extensive experience of more than 18 years in various fields of translation.
This has enabled them to carry out many projects in various specialties with high accuracy and also provide many translation services to their clients.

Rosetta translators have top-level skills that enable them to overcome any difficulties they may encounter while working. Rosetta translators also have in-depth knowledge of various business terms that are encountered while working on a commercial project.
This is in addition to solid proficiency in both languages: the target language as well as the source language, which enables them to choose terminology accurately and transfer content from one language to another professionally, in addition to the availability of translation supervisors and language pioneering editors who work to review and audit the content of the translated projects, to ensure that the translated projects are free of commercial errors before delivering it to the customers.