Rosetta Translation Services provides high-quality interpretation services at affordable rates. We employ translators with vast experience in providing accurate interpretation services in various sectors. Rosetta Translation Services is the company to go with if you need accurate interpretation services from and into any language at affordable rates. We offer accurate services for businesses and individuals at fair prices, and you can always count on us for any linguistic needs you may have. We have your back! With the help of 1,800 professional translators who are always ready to offer our clients the best services at competitive prices, we partner with many offices and translation organizations around the world, including such countries and cities as: Britain (London), France (Paris), the United States (New York), Russia (Moscow), China (Beijing), United Arab Emirates (Dubai), and Egypt (Cairo). The company has many branches around the world, and we offer our services in more than 30 different languages. For over three decades we have been our clients’ ultimate choice. Our services include a wide range of translation types such as certified translation, legal translation, medical translation, and technical translation as well as localization and interpretation services. We deliver high-quality and accurate translation services at affordable prices no matter how hard the text is.


Interpreting is defined as the process of “rendering a spoken or signed message into another spoken or signed language, preserving the meaning of the source language content.” It has been used as a connection bridge across different cultures throughout history. Interpreting is not the same as translation, although they share the same purpose, which is to facilitate communication between people. There are various types of interpreting services, and they can take place in many settings and for various reasons. Here are the most common two types of interpretation:

  1. Consecutive Interpretation: In this type of interpretation, the interpreter listens to what the speaker is saying and conveys the message into another language after the speaker has paused. Typically, the speaker will pause after each complete thought to give the interpreter time to deliver the message. Consecutive interpreters have to be diligent, speedy note-takers and be able to swap between both languages throughout the exchange.


  1. Simultaneous Interpretation: This is a form of interpretation in which the interpreter listens to, comprehends, and reformulates a speaker’s statements into a target language. It is a real-time process, and the message rendition must take place within the time allowed by the speaker’s pace, without altering the natural flow of the speech. It is usually used in large meetings and events where the interpreter sits in a booth in front of a microphone.

There are many events and situations where interpreters are needed. Interpreters offer their services in conferences, legal translation in courts, travel services, tourism, and other events.

Rosetta Translation and Interpretation Services

Rosetta Translation and Interpretation Services has vast experience in offering interpretation services to facilitate formal and informal meetings. In such meetings, it is impossible to achieve the best results in the presence of linguistic barriers. We offer our services for various business sectors, including the following:
Hospitality and hotels, travel and tourism, manufacturing, communications, engineering, banking, financial operations, and wholesale business.

Types of Interpretation We Offer

Rosetta Translation and Interpretation Services provides various interpretation services as listed below:

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most challenging language services to provide. The simultaneous interpreter has to be quick-thinking and needs a full command of the two languages with which they are working, including any specialist jargon. The interpreter in this type of interpretation often wears high-quality headphones so they can hear the source person's voice and translate it precisely. It is usually used in large-scale meetings and events such as speeches and conferences with a large number of people.

Court Interpretation

At Rosetta, we offer high-quality and accurate court interpretation to our clients.
In court interpretation, we employ both simultaneous and consecutive translation. This type of interpretation takes place in courts of justice or other legal settings where a legal proceeding is held and aims to enable client participation in proceedings and communication. Our court interpreters not only have great linguistic skills and are fluent in both the source and target languages but also have expertise in the legal field and deep-rooted knowledge of legal terminology.

Consecutive Interpretation

The interpreter begins to interpret after the speaker pauses, that is, speaker and interpreter alternate. The interpreter relies on his memory but also on note-taking for message rendition. Consecutive interpreting is called unilateral when it is performed only in one language direction. It is used for various occasions where a limited number of participants is involved, e.g., business meetings or press conferences.

Conference Interpretation

Rosetta offers conference-accurate interpretation services at affordable rates. This service entails offering interpretation for organizations and governments in many settings including:
Conferences, workshops, meetings of boards of directors and committees, sales department meetings, press conferences, and annual meetings.

Technical Equipment

Rosetta provides the technical equipment required for interpretation services  including but not limited to: 

  • sound-proof booths
  • headphones
  • and microphones

We use this equipment to deliver a high-quality translation service under conducive listening circumstances for the best interpretation services.

Our Interpreters

At Rosetta Translation Services, we deliver top-notch translation services to our clients in a variety of fields. We consider our interpreters being the key not only to our success but also to our clients’ success. Therefore, we hire our interpreters following strict criteria. We aim to render quality work; hence our interpreters have been rigorously screened and selected. These professionals work for our company full-time and are regarded as expert speakers of their native language. Rosetta Translation Services will make things possible for your company by precisely conveying what has to be said in whatever language and wherever in the world it may be.
We are proud of the convenience and quality we have been serving for years. Due to our reliable services, we have earned the love and trust of our customers. If you need interpretation services, it’s time to join the family as our service is available around the clock. We can deal with any language combination, and we charge affordable rates.