Rosetta for Localization and Translation Services provides comprehensive and top-notch translation services while also modifying our offerings to the financial and time constraints of our clients. Rosetta uses cutting-edge translation memory technology and always strives to ensure product consistency, quality, reusability, and speed of market entry.

Our translators employ this technology more successfully because of their vast expertise and deep-rooted knowledge. We use only professional translators with a minimum of 15 years of translation experience.

Our translation services will always be translated using qualified native translators. Their continued employment has made it easier for them to apply the same consistency to completing clients’ translation projects.

This consistency and continuity are very clear in the way we deal with clients.
At Rosetta, we believe in the importance of work and cooperation with clients in the long-term.

Rosetta provides high-quality localization services that suit your industry. It is crucial to design a Help system for your product on the Internet, seeking the maximum benefit for your target audience and reducing the costly support calls, so our localization service assures you that the localized version of your Help archive will reach the targeted goals.

Localization and Translation Services in Cairo

Rosetta is one of the prominent certified translation agencies in Cairo. The agency offers localization services to its clients on both local and international levels. In addition, we provide translation and localization services to companies in Cairo and all over the world. We rely on a team of translators who have broad experience in localization and translation. Visit any of our offices spread around the world:
  • Britain (London)
  • France (Paris)
  • Russia (Moscow)
  • China (Beijing)
  • United States (New York)
  • Egypt (Cairo)
  • UAE (Dubai)

Along with having numerous offices in various countries, Rosetta is certified by many local and foreign institutions as well as governmental organizations.

Rosetta for Translation Services is also certified by many embassies, including:

  • United States Embassy
  • British Embassy
  • France Embassy
  • Canadian Embassy
  • Australian Embassy
  • Switzerland Embassy
  • German and Italian embassies and others 

Rosetta offers professional translation services for different institutions within Cairo, including but not limited to:

  • For-profit organizations and non-profit organizations
  • Small companies
  • Companies listed in the Fortune 500

Rosetta Localization Services

Rosetta is helping its clients by providing high-quality and accurate translation services. We are keen on providing our clients with the localization services they need. Our localization services include:
  • Software localization
  • Web localization
  • Technical translation
  • E-learning localization
  • Multimedia localization
  • Mobile application localization
  • E-commerce localization
  • Companies' help systems localization
  • Online help systems localization
Now, if you've never heard of localization services before, you might wonder what localization is.

What is Localization?

Have you ever considered that one of your customers from abroad would find it hard to understand the information about the product you are promoting?
When this occurs, your customer will undoubtedly become frustrated, which will lead him to choose to look for the product's instruction guide.
But if the customer discovers that this guide is written in a language other than his/her mother tongue, he/she will be dissatisfied.
This will lead your targeted customer to form a negative opinion of your company! The question is, how can we avoid this? Let's first learn what localization services are to understand the question better. We all know that the translation process is conveying content from one language to another, usually using the classical target language. Localization goes beyond merely translating content into the target language, mainly when the classical target language is not one that people use daily.
Instead, it entails adapting it to suit the cultural preferences of the project's targeted audience. Localization service is offered in projects like:
Software localization, web localization, mobile application localization, E-commerce localization, and other projects.
After briefly discussing localization, let's move on to how we can prevent our customers from having trouble using the products.
Simply, to avoid these issues, you have to exert effort to avoid the problem from the beginning by using professional localization services. Hire an expert localization provider to help you reach your target audiences.
Our aim at Rosetta is to assist clients with high-quality localization services so that they can reach their targeted audience efficiently. Rosetta offers localization services for Internet instruction systems through our team of professional linguists with extensive experience. We guarantee our clients that the instruction systems of their products will better serve the target audience in terms of both functionality and linguistics.

Localization Services for Online Help Systems

Rosetta for Translation Services offers localization services for online help systems, including but not limited to:

  • Windows Help
  • Java Help
  • HTML Web Help
  • Flash Help
  • IBM iPanel Group (PNLGRP) Help

We offer our clients numerous tailored solutions to satisfy their particular project needs, as we are aware that each of our clients may have different requirements for their localization projects.


Techniques used to maintain Consistency and High-Quality Translations

At Rosetta for Localization and Translation Services, we rely on the most up-to-date technology to maintain consistency and quality of translated online help systems. Some of the most recent technologies that we rely on and use to develop foreign language help systems and ensure their effectiveness include:

  • WebWorks Help
  • RoboHelp
  • MadCap Flare
  • AuthorIT

Our quality assurance method for our online help system entails testing all interactive features, content, and related issues.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need advice from a localization service expert on your next project.