An ISO 9001 certified company means that that company is dedicated to its quality system and takes quality seriously. Translation standards are among the most important things a certified translation agency should pay attention to. At Rosetta, we translate all of the projects following the international standards of translation ISO 2008-9001. Rosetta employs qualified linguists to translate projects assigned to our agency. We guarantee to all our clients that their translation projects are completed accurately and flawlessly. We work hard to convey the information and texts correctly and accurately to the target language. Our translators are well attentive to the process of adapting information to an appropriate layout that will perfectly fit the target language and culture without any addition or diminution. We believe that translation involves more than merely translating words or information from one language to another; rather, it involves the transmission of cultures and ideas as well. We always prefer native-speaking translators for quality results since it is certain that they would be well aware of their respective cultures. When attempting to translate text from one language to another, our translators use the precise idioms and terms that suit the culture of the target language. This is far different from literal translation; it is a professional one that preserves the content's overall sense while translating from one language to another.

Rosetta Certified Translation Standards

Our ultimate goal at Rosetta Translations is to help our clients by delivering high-quality translations.
As a result, we offer our services through subject-matter experts and linguists with more than 18 years of expertise in the industry.
We also work on translating different projects following precise translation standards.
We guarantee our clients the highest possible translation quality, no matter the type of translation.
Rosetta Translations has a set of translation standards that we apply to every project. They are as follows:

Literal translation; word-for-word translation, is not an option!

When a client decides to rely on a certified translation agency, his main concern is getting accurate and error-free translations. Rosetta for Translation Services provides accurate and high-quality translations. Our professional linguists convey the intended meaning from the source language to the target language flawlessly.
Literal translation can also denote a translation that fails to represent the precise meaning of the original text. At Rosetta, we focus on having a thorough comprehension of the content's intended meaning and correctly translating it into the target language without any omissions or additions.

Understanding the Sentences

A lack of comprehension of the terms can have the same effect as a literal translation in connection with distorting the text's meaning. Also, some terms have different meanings, depending on the context. There may be a significant flaw in the translated content and its meaning if these terms are incorrectly and inaccurately translated.
Thus, the translator needs to have a deep-rooted understanding of the meaning of the sentences in the source language, and to transfer its meaning to the target language in proportion to:
Spatial and temporal significance, as well as the syntax related to it, making sure that the information is translated properly and accurately.

Convey the Writer's Style and Voice

n many types of translation, it's important to maintain the author's voice while translating into another language. When working on a translation project that requires maintaining the writer's voice, we consider it a high priority and adhere to conveying it properly from the source language to the target language.

If You Don’t Understand It, You Cannot Translate It!

Terminology is the fundamental building block for all translation. Each type of translation has its terminology. To assure total accuracy in the translation of certain documents, the translator must know the subject matter at the same level as the audience that will read those documents. Without this knowledge, major terms may be confused or mistaken, even if every translated word is correct. Types of translation include but are not limited to:

  • Scientific translation
  • Medical translation
  • Technical translation
  • Literary translation
  • Legal translation
  • Commercial translation

Each type of translation requires professional translators who have in-depth knowledge of such types.

At Rosetta, we assign specialized translation projects to subject matter translators to ensure each one of our clients receives accurate and high-quality translation.

Revising Translated Texts

Translation projects go through different translation phases to guarantee a superior translation service.

Our project manager receives the translation project and then assigns it to a subject matter translator. After translating the documents, an auditor carefully revises the translated texts to ensure they are error-free and the information is 100% identical to the ones in the source document.

Language Review

Once our translators complete the translation of texts, revising them and making sure they are error-free, then comes the next phase: Language Review.

At this step, the documents are revised and checked by our professional linguists to make sure that there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes in the translated content.

At Rosetta Certified Translation Services, we use the required technology and tools to format files as per clients' requirements.

We adhere to offering high-quality and accurate translation by fostering a strong commitment to high translation standards. Moreover, our translation company is backed up with ISO 9001-2008 certification, which means that our team of translators adheres to the industry’s rigid quality standards. To keep our promise of outstanding service, each translation project is assigned to a linguist who specializes in the relevant field.

At Rosetta Certified Translation Services, we take pride in our high security standards. We are committed to the processes necessary for an extremely secure document translation service.

We are fulfilling all of the certified translation conditions. Rosetta Certified Translation Services is certified by many embassies, including:

  • United States Embassy
  • British Embassy
  • French Embassy
  • Canadian Embassy
  • Australian Embassy
  • Switzerland Embassy
  • Italian Embassy as well as many foreign embassies

We offer certified translation services in more than 30 languages.