Are our translation services limited to translating documents? Of course not.

At Rosetta Translation Services, we not only provide translation services to our clients, but we also care that these provided services are very accurate, error-free, and of high quality.

So, we provide editing and proofreading services for the various translated projects.

We pay close attention when hiring translators.

We only recruit translators with extensive experience in the required types of translation, and who have the necessary language skills to complete the translation process accurately.

We believe the translation process is not just a transfer of some information from one language to another, but it is much deeper than that. It involves converting cultures and ideas as well.

For us, it is very important to provide accurate and consistent translations for each client.

Rosetta Translation Services is the company to go with if you need accurate translations from and into any language at affordable rates. We offer accurate translations for businesses and individuals at fair prices, and you can always count on us for any linguistic needs you may have.

At Rosetta Translation Services, we provide proofreading and editing services for the various translation services we offer to our clients, including:

Translation services, specialized translation services, certified translation, and localization services, as well as many other translation services.

Our workforce comprises proficient linguists who specialize in various languages. We are live connected with our team of over 1,800 translators. We can take on any task, any language combination, no matter the size of your document. We offer our services in over 30 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, Portuguese, and many others.

Editing and Proofreading

Translation accuracy refers to the degree of similarity between the original text in one language and its equivalent in another language. The process of translation requires complete accuracy. Linguistic accuracy plays an essential role in the success of translation companies. Errors, ambiguity, and inaccuracy are a risk to the credibility and professional reputation of the company. We are fully aware of the importance of accurate translations. A high level of translation accuracy is crucial when the text contains important information that needs to be conveyed accurately and unambiguously.
Thus, we have a team of professional proofreaders who ensure the translated content is produced in high quality and is error-free.
Our proofreaders also examine the translations to maintain the consistency of the content and provide high-quality and error-free translations. For instance, if you want to apply for a tender and compete with more than five or ten companies, the accuracy and quality of the bid's writing shall enhance your opportunity to win such tender, as you will be distinguished from other tenderers. This applies to many other sectors; if you are issuing a new novel, for instance, or submitting a report to your college.
Rosetta has an integrated team that provides proofreading and language editing services at the highest level of proficiency to ensure that you get the best possible quality of translated content. We have a specialized team that has unique language skills and is able to provide content writing services as well. We offer review services for the following documents: presentations, memos, business plans, news articles, newsletters, sales letters, and market research reports.
It is worth mentioning that the process of editing and proofreading the translated content is not limited to reviewing and correcting the content, but also includes checking spelling and grammar and reviewing the placement of punctuation marks and formatting as well. At Rosetta Translation Services, we stick to the following translation steps to provide precise translation services to our clients:

Steps of the Translation Process

At Rosetta Translation Services, we pay attention to the accuracy and quality of the translations we provide. We ensure that the intended meaning of the source text is conveyed correctly in the target language. We have a three-step translation process to ensure that the translated content matches the original content, as well as making sure that it is completely error-free. Our team of professional translators sticks like glue to this three-step language translation process.
The three-step language translation process is as follows:


Initial Translation

The first step the translation process goes through for the various types of documents assigned to Rosetta is the initial or preliminary translation of the documents, where our translators analyze the documents' content and start translating it. Our translators are well attentive to the process of adapting information to an appropriate layout that will perfectly fit the target language and culture. We always hire native-speaking translators for quality. After completing the translation, we move to the next step.


Reviewing Translations

After passing the initial translation step, our translators move to the second step of the translation process, which is to review the translations. At this step, the translators review the translated texts and information to make sure that they are correct and match the original texts and information.


Translations Editing and Proofreading

The third step of the translation process is highly important. At this step, we edit and proofread the translated content to ensure utter accuracy.
After the first and second steps are completed, the linguist will then methodically work through the translation, comparing each text with the original (source) text. The primary goal here is to confirm they haven’t missed any content or misinterpreted any meaning. Most linguists will also identify and improve any slightly unnatural or inelegant wording in this step.
In this step, the proofreaders reread the translation, this time without reference to the source document, looking solely at the quality of expression. They’ll make final edits to further refine and “polish” the translated text.
We review the linguistic elements and information contained in the translated text to ensure that the content is free of any spelling, grammatical, or informational errors, which ensures our clients high-quality translations.
In order to provide the best translation service to our clients, Rosetta Translation Services hires qualified translation reviewers and proofreaders to be responsible for reviewing, proofreading, and editing the translated content to ensure that translations are error-free before being delivered to clients.

Editing and Proofreading Services at Rosetta

Rosetta Translation Services is a leading translation company offering high-quality services in Egypt and the Middle East. We have always let our work speak for us. For over three decades we provided thousands of translation services for our clients in Egypt and many countries. At Rosetta, we believe human translation services are the only way to go when it comes to giving an accurate translation. We provide editing and proofreading services for various types of translations. The accurate and high-quality translations produced by our company contributed to our success as an accredited translation company by local and international entities. As a translation agency, we have the responsibility to ensure the best translation is given, and that is why we only use 100% human translation. The Rosetta Translation Services Company is certified by all embassies, including the embassies of the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland, as well as the embassies of Germany, Italy, and many other embassies. Our clients rely on us for high-quality translations of various types of documents. This includes the translation of personal and official documents, as well as certified documents translation submitted to the embassies. Individuals looking for translation services for immigration or applying for visas can also count on us to deliver affordable certified translations that are guaranteed to be accepted by any embassy. We provide translation services for various types of documents for our clients. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries.